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Financial Education App

QeeWee Finance Education App
About the Project / Client:

QeeWee Finance got on to starting on the premise of ‘financial education for all’ and set forth to build an app to help people gain financial literacy in a hassle free way without affective their day to day life. 
The Challenge / Ask:

QeeWee wanted the app to have elements of gamification so that it doesn’t become boring like many financial education out there. It aimed the design to solve for people of all age groups, from 14 year olds to 65++. It wished to deliver a tinder-like experience to deliver byte sized learning content which the users can consume wherever they are — while sitting, while walking, while in public transport and everywhere else. 

Working Figma Prototype 👇
(wait it until it loads fully)
The Process / Solution:

I was involved from the ideation stage until when the final UIUX design was completed. I also helped them with branding and typography choice. Colors were chosen keeping the name of fruit ‘kiwi’ in mind to give it a fresh, tropical and fun feel. The typography itself was a bit bold giving a flavour of modernism to the overall app. The colors and type were blended to work together for overall experience of the app. Each module was having its own color for easy recognition and quick finding for later use. The swipable / tappable cards were designed in such a way so as to provide a seamless reading experience from one sun topic to the next and having options such as listening to the text instead of reading and so on. And the end of module linked to a quiz which results in kiwi coins/points which could be used for redeeming various perks/goodies with partner brands. 

One important key feature was ‘saving or bookmarking the cards’ which was designed with 2 premises in mind:
1. Easy saving of any piece of content via one tap — achieved via a red colored visible bookmark button on each card. 
2. Easy retrieving if that content when the user wanted to — achieved via a dedicate menu item as ‘saved items’ 

Another important feature was the ability of set daily timer for recording time spend on learning via the app. One can set a predefined time limit which they wanted to spend learning on the app. This timer was visible throughout, almost everywhere on the app so that users have a track of time they are spending on the app. 

Overall the result was a fresh looking, gamified learning app which was loved by all stakeholders as it ticked all requirement boxes which were  in various minds when starting out to design QeeWee. 
Financial Education App


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Financial Education App

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