Venmo Visual Identity

Venmo is the leading P2P payment platform in the U.S. It lets friends transfer money to each other and see payments others are making on the app’s social feed. Recently, Venmo expanded to be more than just a way to pay friends, and wanted their brand to evolve and match their growing platform. 

I was commissioned by the talented agency Koto to work on a package of illustrations to show across marketing materials and product.  This was by far one of the biggest and most challenging projects that I had the luck to work on. We worked with Venmo to better reflect the true spirit of the brand, match the energy of their users and the experiences they share, and to tell the full Venmo story in more creative ways. We created over 50 illustrations and worked together for around six months.

Every payment tells a story

Since day one, Venmo’s users have made it what it is. That’s why we’ve evolved the brand to celebrate the story behind a payment. Dinner tabs. A dollar to say hi. Last-minute concert tickets. The $6.8M spend on 🍕 last year alone. It’s an identity that reflects the real-life experiences users share – from the everyday to the totally random.

The fun and easy way to pay, split, and share

Created in collaboration with Koto, the new set of illustrations bring to life all the many experiences behind Venmo payments, from road trips to ramen. Bold Colors, strong lines and high contrast compositions create a fun visual statement that cuts through the noise of branding in today's era. The amount of illustrations intend to show variety and diversity through the arc of scenes and characters.  The entirety of the graphic system celebrates friendship in all their forms and empowers connections without losing a consistent look and a clear visual style.  

Bringing the Venmo community to life

Empowering connections, enabling discovery and celebrating experiences. That's what Venmo is all about and this personality informs all the illustration system. From the way we treated space and created compact groups of friends to the bright color palette with hints of handmade patterns and controlled textures in the clothing of our characters.

Thanks to

To create such a big amount of work and maintain a consistent quality through the whole process I brought in talented designers to help me in this huge endeavor. I couldn't have done it without Eugenia Mello, Sebastian Barrena and Much Creative.

Thanks to Koto for being so awesome! 
Specially Jowey, Arthur, Rosie and Ling for helping me throughout the process and taking care of all the project with so much love. This is truly my best experience working with anyone ever and that's because all of you and your hard work.

Agency: Koto Studio 
Brand: Venmo
Artist: Sebastian Curi 
Artist Management: Much Creative 

Creative Director: Jowey Roden
Client Director: Rosie Connors
Design Team: Arthur Foliard and Joe Ling
Illustration Sketch Partner: Eugenia Mello
Paint and Illustration Partner: Bocha Barrena

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Package of illustrations to show across marketing materials and product for Venmo.  Koto and me created over 50 illustrations and worked together Read More