ANORMAL is a brand that has been researching inconvenience in daily life and providing solution using keywords for ‘scent’. 
We redefined ‘the afterimage of the scent’ to convey a brand value of ANORMAL, which aims to look at ordinary everyday life with a new perspective through scent and to remember it with a variety of senses.

We have built a differentiated key visual that creates unpredictable colors and patterns by increasing the portion of the image based on the scent, product naming and mood. 
It’s different to create a variety of interpretations and imagination for consumers from other brands because they convey the moods of the scent through abstract expression, but they do not lock themselves in specific images.
The unique key visual and package design of ANORMAL conveys intuitively the mood of the fragrance. From calm and comfortable scent to unique scent, the five step mood numbers help you to understand the degree of unique scent. 

ANORMAL which was emphasis on function because of selling online, can communicate consistently focusing on the scent of brand essence in all touch point through logo and overall visual elements.       


Plus X 
Creative Director  |  Shin Myungsup 
Strategy Director  |  Choe Jangsoon BX Strategist  |  Kook Bohyun, Kim Jisu 
BX Designer  |  Lee Hyojin, Kim Daniel, Yoo Hyeri, Jang Raymond 

CEO  |  Keem Jungin 
Planner  |  Kim Jinsol, O Rion, Goh Hyeonyeol 
Designer  |  Lee Gin 

CEO  |  Nam Daegwang 
Planner  |  Lee Sojung Designer  |  Lee Sangbin, Lee Sunsook 


ANORMAL Brand eXperience Design