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    Brand Integration and Marketing for Telenav Headquarters.
Telenav Headquarters Brand Integration, Conference Room Posters

In 2012, Telenav moved into a new corporate facility. Cyclonix was invited to to help with brand integration throughout the facility, including signage, graphics, wayfiding, room identifiers, A/V technology, a customized Executive Briefing Center, artwork, murals and more. Graphic design was my personal responsibiliy. The above project in particular was was one of the components.
Telenav is a leading provider of location-based services and GPS navigation, so we were excited about the idea of building a campaign that would honor famous world explorers, inventors and innovators. It was decided that each conference room throught the Telenav campus be named after said historical figures. Each room would feature a poster highlighting that figure. The graphic included an B/W image, a brief bio and, most importantly, a quote. These quotes reflected to the Telenav brand and they spoke directly to the company philosophy; forward thinking, innovation and ground-breaking ideas.