Grand Ambassador Hotel, which has been leading the history of a Korean hotel for 60 years since its opening in 1955, has opened a variety of line-ups in Seoul, Songdo, Busan, Daegu and Changwon. It has grown into the largest hotel chain in Korea. Ambassador was proud of her own heritage based on a long history, but at the same time, she was in danger of being able to be interpreted as "outdated".
To this end, Enspire has set the project's main task to maintain the existing BI heritage, which is a key component of Ambassador's originality, but to add more modern sensibility. Branding was carried out through shopping bags, business cards, and various kits, which are the contact points for Ambassador's customers to form a brand image.
1955年の開業以来60年間にわたり、韓国のホテルの歴史を牽引してきたグランドアンバサダーホテルは、ソウル、松島、釜山、大邱、昌原に様々なラインナップを開設しました。 韓国最大のホテルチェーンへと成長しました。 大使は長い歴史に基づいて自分自身の遺産を誇りに思っていましたが、同時に、彼女は「時代遅れ」と解釈される可能性があるという危険にさらされていました。
Project Directing : Sungmin Kim
Creative Directing : Hyungsuk Chung
Brand Story & Planning : Jaehyun Shim
Brand Identity & BI Application Design : Jungwon Yoon
Ambassador Hotel