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    Spokes, your local bicycle sales and repair shop!
Spring 2013
For this class project we had to take a vacant storefront and design a fictional store for the category we were given. I was given the category of bicycle sales and repair. 
Rather than typical using the flat facade store photos that we were given, I chose to use the only photo that had a perpsective. Not only did this provide the challenge of designing on an angle, but it also meant I had the opportunity to clean up the front, both the signage area as well the boxes and trash can in the front. 
I knew right away the style that I wanted to use. It was partially inspired by some of the work that Go Media does with their Weapons of Mass Creation PR. I knew that I wanted to have as many bike related items as possible all interlacing together to fill the space. With that in mind, I invested a lot of time into making the mind-map below.