Specification sheets (spec sheets) are useful for consumers to see all the features and dimensions of a product at a quick glance. Below is an insight into some of the work that I have to do for each page.
1. The biggest improvement that I have done is to utilize different character and paragraph styles throughout the spec sheets. There are styles for the section headings, bullets, model number, and various sub-texts. The model number and "note" styles both utilize GREP styles to bold the initial word in the respective fields.
2. Similar to the parts sheets, often the art that is given to me by the engineers has numerous tangency lines where the 3D models bend. I thoroughly inspect each individual part of the product and have to artificially construct it in a front and side view. 
3. All products feature an isometric (iso) view. This is their "glamour shot" and because of this we need to trace the line art to bring out all the various bends and corners that make it unique.