One of the file types that I work with at Moen Incorporated is the exploded parts sheet. This allows both customers and customer service reps order replacement parts for the products if/when something breaks. 
Below is a comparison of the parts sheets before and after I arrived at Moen. I specificy areas in which I have cleaned up the parts sheets and given them more polish. 
1. The box for this product's information is unnecessarily large. For a more complex product that needs room for numerous parts it could be a problem.
1. I fix this by having the product's information in a text box (with a stroke) but also set up inset spacing to assure the padding is the same for all sides.
2. The spacing between the replacement part name and the part number is completely arbitrary. In some cases the line will be right under the part name where as in others it is closer to the part numbers.
2. Using Paragraph styles, the part names have an underline. I align the line with the text's underline. This ensures that the line has the same spacing every time.
3. The left alignment of the part labels is all over the place. 
3. Using guides and the align function I am able to easily make sure that all of the text boxes are in line.
4. Often when art is exported by the engineers it has tangencies or parts are clipped from being overlapped by other parts. In this case the hose is clipped by the connection adapter.
4. I inspect each and every part and clean up any remaining tangency lines to further replicate what the customer would actually see.