Adobe XD Creative Challenge March 2019 collection
Challenge 1 - Efficient navigation + Dribbble shot: 01

Interactive prototype: 01
Challenge 2 - Marketing Real Estate + Dribbble shot: 02
(three campaigns scheduled to run at the same time:
Black Friday, strategic brand partnership, 
and third one to promote the new mobile app).

Interactive prototype: 02
Challenge 3 - Top products + Dribbble shot: 03
(You're given a google sheet that includes a complete list of products 
and tasked with organising the information in a way that aligns with marketing initiatives).
Interactive prototype: 03
Challenge 4 - User Support + Dribbble shot: 04
(While site organisation helps decrease a user's heed for help,
there may be more finite questions such as "how do I find all grain free products? 
What can be implemented or added to the landing page experience to help users connect with customer support?).

Interactive prototype: 04
Challenge 5 - Simplified Purchase Flow + Dribbble shot: 05
(25% of users are adding items to their cart, but not completing 
the purchase process. Through user surveys, they’ve expressed that 
the cart is hard to edit and there are too many steps in the purchase process. How will you simplify the purchase flow?)

Interactive Prototype: 05
Challenge 6 - Subscribe & Save + Dribbble shot: 06
(Since revenues are decreasing, the company wants to provide a way 
to ensure that users are relying on their service month over month. 
Design a way for the user to subscribe to a product over a designated period of time).

Interactive Prototype: 06
Challenge 7 - Rate Experience + Dribbble shot: 07
(Involving user feedback is a simple way to earn trust and improve 
user experience. Design a rate experience for users, which is triggered 
at the end of the purchase flow. Get their thoughts on the new cart experience and use it as an opportunity to find out what they're looking for in a mobile app).

Interactive Prototype: 07​​​​​​​
Challenge 8 - Mobile Experience + Dribbble shot: 08.
 (If an e-commerce experience hasn’t been optimised for mobile, it loses customers and revenues drop. Design the mobile experience for the current website).

Interactive Prototype: 08​​​​​​​
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Adobe XD Creative Challenge March 2019 collection

Adobe XD Creative Challenge March 2019 collection

Adobe XD Daily Creative Challenge March 2019 collection. Challenge 1 - Efficient navigation


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