Adobe XD Daily Creative Challenge April 2019 Collection
Challenge 9 - Smart TV Movie Rental 
+ Dribbble shot: 09
Prototype a smart TV movie rental experience. Allow your user to browse movies and select an option. Try using skills from week 1 such as pagination and dropdown menu.

Interactive prototype: Smart TV
Challenge 8 - Interactive map + Dribbble shot: 08
Design and prototype an interactive map for a traveler. Allow the user to pin favourite locations and try experimenting with techniques from week 1. 

Interactive prototype: The map

Challenge 7 - Send Cash + Dribbble shot: 07
Create a 'send cash' app for mobile. Experiment with multiple sending options, such as QR code or contactless. Try using an on/off switch from challenge 1. 

Interactive prototype: Send Cash
Challenge 6 - Calculator + Dribbble shot: 06
Design and prototype a calculator app for either desktop or mobile. Try using button techniques from challenge 2.

Interactive Prototype: Calculator for mobile FairSplit
Interactive Prototype:   Calculator for desktop FairSplit
Calculator to play with: FairSplit + Dribbble shot
After opening of the app - user can change screens from home/calculate/contacts. In the calculate prototype path is: AC/78,49 : 3 =/ the sceen with result will turn 360 degrees the 
FairSplit logo which will open the actions user can take with the price result: 
1. to select the money currency. 
2. to pick user who can pay directly by phone (Apple pay). 
3. to send notification to one of (or many) contacts by Twitter/ message/ email. 

After returning to the calculation screen user can clear the result and start again...or return to the home screen with transactions which will refresh automatically after 0.2 sec. ;)

Challenge 5 - Leaderboard + Dribbble shot: 05
Design a 'leaderboard' experience for mobile or web. Try using pagination and social share techniques from week 1. 

Interactive Prototype: Leaderboard​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Challenge 4 - Social Share + Dribbble shot: 04
Create a share on social experience, complete with on/off switch.

[+ log in process, feed scrolling, options to choose media for sharing = which are on/off buttons and sharing confirmation experience]

Interactive Prototype: Social Share
Challenge 3 - Pagination + Dribbble shot: 03
Design and animate a pagination experience for a website.

Interactive Prototype: Pagination
Challenge 2 - Upload File + Dribbble shot: 02
Design an "uplad file" experience with buttons & overlays.

Interactive Prototype: Upload File
Challenge 1 - Dropdown Menu + Dribbble shot: 01 
Create an interactive dropdown menu.
[For this challenge I decided to create The Mind Helmet - App for people who are looking to escape and learn how to control over their emotions, thoughts...A mobile application to relax, calm, clear your mind & balance the whole world that is interacting with us.]
Interactive Prototype: Dropdown
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Adobe XD Daily Creative Challenge April 2019 Collection

Adobe XD Daily Creative Challenge April 2019 Collection

Adobe XD Daily Creative Challenge April 2019 collection.


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