Adobe XD Daily Creative Challenge 2019
#9 - Design and prototype a “swipe to edit” experience for an email client. How does a user delete, archive, and mark as read?

[The content of the emails is invent for the purpose of the user experience flow...]
Interactive prototype - happy clicking :) : swipe to edit.
Main screens with new emails notification & open Mail app.
New email screen & swipe to edit options + open new email screen.
#8 - Design and prototype a chart experience for a finance app. Think about how the user could access the charts, such as tapping to expand. 
Interactive prototype for you to click on: Charts experience.
#7 - Design and prototype a mobile notification experience for a lock screen.
Interactive prototype for You to check: Notification experience.
(In moment of recording message the voice is saying - I am on my way.)
Screen with screen locked and with notification message:
Dismissing message notification:
Replying message notification:
Replying screens txt keyboard, emoji icons & sound message:
Screen after use and auto locked:
#6 - Add a voice command to yesterday’s smart watch app for sending cash.
Bright & dark view:
Sliding actions:
To use the voice prototype please click the blue link below:
Bright version:    Voice prototype link

Dark Version:      Voice prototype link
An interactive prototype for you to click on:
#5 - Design and prototype a smart watch app for sending cash.

In this project I decided to create the pay & transfer app for Apple watch with colors that support people with color blindness - colour vision deficiency. 
Opening app screens:
Apple pay or send cash options + choosing recipient screens:
Selecting the amount screens:
Selecting card screens:
Summary & final screens:
How does it look in the watch:
#4 - Design and prototype a “Color by Number” mobile app. What would be an easy way to identify all the areas associated with that color? How would you represent completed colors for the user?
App opening screens:
Main screen with menu panel:
Palett screens:
Colors with RGB & CMYK numbers selection and saving your palette choice screens:
Image screen:
Selecting image:
Color menu coloring options:
Full screen view option & saving work:
Final screen with saved image:
#3 - Design and prototype the user experience for dimming a smart bulb on a smart home mobile app. How can the user access and control the light?

SmartHome app opening screens:
SmartHome app main menu options: 
Light & switches function controls:
#2 - Design and prototype a “drag to rearrange” web experience for a photo or image grid.
Profile screen and screen with active "edition profile" function:
Dragging to re-arrange movement screens: 
Edition profile screen and the final view with saved changes:
#1 - Design and prototype a “pull to refresh” experience for a photo sharing app.
Screens with a pull to refresh experience:
Photo-Shots app menu bar:
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Adobe XD Daily Creative Challenge 2019

Adobe XD Daily Creative Challenge 2019

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