One Bike Limited is a cyclists-based social enterprise in Moshi, Tanzania focusing its activities on sustainability and educational 

A community of environmental lovers, fighting everyday for a sustainable present, changing human behavior through bike culture.

The Re-Cycling Tour

This event born during the process of refocusing the vision of the brand, shifting for a simple bike shop into an active community of environmental lovers. The aim to help local community was the main element, that crossed with the sustainability component of cycling. 

In partnership with the Environment Office of Moshi, we launched in early 2019 a guerrilla activity called Re-Cycling Tour, an event that has one goal, to clean the trash off the streets. by bike. The critical mass cycling movement just started to go around the town, collecting the plastics, saving the environment by using a sustainable way of transportation. The plastics are sent to the recycling process.

The guerrilla event was reported by the national Daily News, underlining the commitment of One Bike on environment and sustainability activities.

A new identity

The new logotype express the vision of One Bike of changing the world, one bike at the time. The two semi spheres that represent the "O" and "E" letters are divided but its can be united by replicating the image, so its can complete a wheel, symbol of cycling. The artwork was created by hand and carved in the wood, then processed as digital image. This process keep authenticity and imperfections that made One Bike's logotype an humble and honest image.

Hands is the perfect tool

With no Mac and zero budget the only solution was using my hands and be hosted in local workshop. I draw the logo on paper, replicated the design by pointing dots on wood, then carved and painted in stunning black and white. The shop was redesigned using tanzanian color code and cyclists inspired collages.

One Bike Tanzania


One Bike Tanzania

One Bike Limited is a cyclists-based social enterprise in Moshi, Tanzania. It focus its activities on sustainability projects by using bikes.