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YG ENTERTAINMENT Brand Identity Renewal

YG Entertainment is the leading entertainment companyin Korea. It was once
a small music agency established to popularize hip hop music in 1996, but now
it became a total entertainment company spreading Korean music and contents globally.
Since 1996, YG has been mainly communicated with artists and contents of the company.
However, YG tries to create culture and lifestyle of people all around the world not just
providing music content. In order to achieve this goal, YG wanted to redefine brand
identity system which can expand their business flexibly. In close cooperation with YG,
we first defined YG’s spirit, value, and mission to propose clear direction for the future
brand activities. Next we developed detailed criteria and method for consistent
brand experience design by establishing design principles and major design elements.

YG symbol has been redesigned while maintaining the most of the existing YG symbol
which is the company’svaluable asset, but improving formative completeness.
Also, we created the brand’s font which is based on the form of YG symbol in order to
use it practically in various media as a consistent brand image. To facilitate systematic
brand expansion, we built unique brand identity system completing sub-brand symbol in
combination with YG symbol and YG’s brand font. We not only established brand
identity strategy and design, but also realized definite brand experiences by applying
them to various touchpointssuch as website, brand book, and stationery.

Design by Plus X
Facilitator: Kyungdong Kim
Creative Director: Myungsup Shin, Sabum Byun, Seungwon Huh
Bx Planner: Euisun Jung
BX Designer: Dongwoo Lee, Jiyoung Yoon, Jihoon Kim, Junhyuck Chun, Hyerim Kim
UX Planner: Jihye Park, Yeonsu Kim
UI Designer: Eunock Jung, Hyojin Park
Motion Designer: Junggun Park, Jeoonghyun Lee
Partner: YG ENTERTAINMENT Sungjin Shin, Younho Lee, Yoohee Jeong
Date: 2011. 03~05             www.plus-ex.com            Plus X Facebook           www.yg-life.com
YG ENTERTAINMENT Brand Identity Renewal

YG ENTERTAINMENT Brand Identity Renewal

Since 1996, YG has been mainly communicated with artists and contents of the company. However, YG tries to create culture and lifestyle of people Read More
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