Retr0neiric Journey
video-game project
During my third year in L’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique, in group of two we had to design from A to Z a fully working little video game. This was the first big project I’ve made in Unity 3D.
We got inspired by the large world of Vaporwave and Synthwave art movement. We built up an oneiric place full of different objects and items according to our inspirations such as Retro video games, ancient Greek statues, plants and electronic devices.
The goal is to control a dream spaceship around the place and to find your lost memories. Those ones are represented by floppy disks the player as to find and pick up.
This work was about different field of videogame making. First we had to build up the scene, the terrain and limits of the play area. Then, to add meshes and other 3D models around the place according to what we wanted the player to feel. In the third place we designed the player object, coded movements such as fly forward, rotating and going left and right. After, we designed 3D sound the player can hear from the spaceship, the music, and other objects in the scene. At the end we coded the pickable objects, placed them around and made the start and end screens.
Thanks for reading