CHAOS - VR Project
In partnership with the French Biomedical Research Institute of Armed Forces I had to design a project in group of tree. After a long time of research we ended up focusing on stress due to choices in the everyday life. We aimed high school students because the time period is full of wonders and choices to make about your present and future life. Studies shows that a non-stressed-out teenager has chances to not be confronted to stress in his adult life. 
We analyzed during high school life, asked highs cool student and finally focused on the way we can make a student be confronted to choices and stress situations in order to analyze and evaluate his posture against stress. The main goal was also to train facing tough situations.
We created an immersive experience thanks to virtual reality. In this experience, the user is teleported in different tiny rooms where lights, sound effects and the dilemma facing him are a huge source of stress. The dilemma of each room is related and inspired by a real life situation. Every time he makes a choice, the user is teleported to other ordeals.
At the end of this grueling experience he ends up in a heartwarming room where he can see his performance in each room he went through. The goal is to see yourself in a different point of view struggling with dilemma. An avatar is also here and can debrief the experience and give a professional feedback of the experience to understand the posture the user has against dilemma and how it’s related with real life situations
Thanks for reading