At the end of bachelor’s degree I had to choose a subject and design by myself a whole project. This Project is called LUX.
I always wanted to work on lights and lightning. In order to work on a real problematic, I made many searches that ended up on a big issue I noticed. Indeed the top north European countries can’t see any bit of sunlight during a part of the year, most of winter.
Inspired by luminotherapy, chromatherapy and other sunlight healthy benefits, I wanted to find a solution about Scandinavian people not seeing sunlight during almost half a year and confronting seasonal depression due to a lack of energy and vitamin D.
I developed and designed an innovative product connected to an app. Similar to video projector I prototyped a little light-projector equipped with a full spectrum lightbulb inside to imitate sunlight and health benefits.
It projects a powerful zone of light on any surface you want and can adapt the color related to the mood you want to have or the energy it can trigger naturally inside you.
Thanks to a very easy to use mobile application, you can control and program the projector to fake an entire day and night cycle inside a home to help you waking up, having the right amount of vitamin D you need and make you feel better in different situation.
Thanks for paying attention