The goal had a new layout for the social campaigns with a fresh and modern look.

- Clear a new layout
- Give a new look to the social ads
- Have a layout fully adaptable
- Facebook and Instagram platform

The previous layout
The issues
This is two banners that I created in past with the previous layout.
The white layout with the lines was not fully adaptable with a different kind of offer, so when the offer longer of the standard one and because that part most of the banner was filled with a lot of negative space or the size of the copy was compromised.

 Another issue was the new 'Image Text Check', so have a proper guideline that can help to speed up the workflow and keep a consistent layout.
I started to make some research between the competitors, selecting the key strength of the different social ads used in the industry. Working more on the emphases and in the trust of the brand thanks to a modern look.
Use the facebook documentation to study different case also in other industry to have a wide view of the user's preferences.
First mockup
Based from the 7th mockup, I created a few high fidelity prototype to show during the meetings.
During the meeting, we collected all the strength point of the different prototype and we selected two of them to run an A/B test with a general offer.
I adapted the creative of the landing page to the banners and the social team ran a campaign for two weeks.​​​​​​​
The banners below are the creative selected.
- 1200x628 (Facebook Post)
- 1080x1080 (Instagram Post)

The report from the campaign showed an interesting behaviour of the users.
The Banner A had more engage on the Facebook platform,meanwhile the Banner B had more effect for in Instagram platform.

Because the platform had to kind of setup also the user behave differently.

After other three A/B test with different offers, the result was close to the first one.
So the client decided to keep both the layout and use them for two targeted platform.