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Sport promo spot: Youtube Channels

NetBet Sport

The task commissioned me was about to create a spot template to use for different Youtube Channels (soccer theme) and for different matches with different offers.
The channels was about matched and goal reviews and the video has been showed 3 time during the presentation. 
I will use just one of them for this case.

- Consistency with the brand
- Video not longer than 10 seconds
- The sport need start with the name of the brand and the name of the channel
The spot has been divided in 3 main scene.
During all transitions between a scene and another one, I used to control eye technique to vehicle the user to the message in the right time.

SCENE 1: Brand name and Logo Channel Youtube (It changes based on the channel)
SCENE 2: Match and offer
SCENE 3: Highlight the offer 

Scene 2 and 3 changes the animation based on the offer.
Here few examples of the spots got live.
FanPark Live

Full list of channels and TVs
Arsenal Fan TV (AFTV), Mr DT, Uff (Ultimate football fan), The football terrace, Neeks sports, Troopz tv, 100% Chelsea, Blue Lions TV, United Stand, Statman Dave, Irish Football Fan Tv.
Sport promo spot: Youtube Channels

Sport promo spot: Youtube Channels