Landing Page with game build inside
Project for casino777
In this project, I just took care of the side above the fold.
The idea was to have a dynamic game fully functional inside the landing page, without lost the view of the offer.
The goal was to give the experience of the game to the users, trigger the trust in the product enough to achieve a new deposit for the game.

- Keep consistency with the brand
- Promote the game
- Have easy access to the game
Because the standard user read left to right and top to bottom, the name of the game is the first element used and next to the game (set in the middle) and in a welcome ratio.
Because the game is in action, the user can easily recognise an interaction.

On the bottom with a clear contrast the copy and the CTA.

From the tablet size, the landing page will adopt consistency with the desktop one. Game on top of the copy and the CTA. The same layout has been adopted also for mobile.