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NetBet Sport - Spot for Social

NetBet Sport - Social spot
Bet Boost Landed
The goal is to share to the users with the new deals.
The challenge was to create a video enough strong to engage the users and quick enough to keep the user until the end.
 Thanks to the recent studies, the data collected from the social insight from the previous videos and the feedback from the Social Marketing Team, I designed a storyboard and I delivered the project.

- Max 10 seconds
- Soccer environment 
- Familiarity with the brand
- Give to the user and feeling of "better or boost"
- Audience UK
- Platform Facebook and Instagram

What's the goal?
The main goal is to increase the number of deposit for that specific deal, also important the recognition from the user with the brand.

The spot will be sharing several days per week, so the source file is designed to be easily and quickly editable.
All the video is divided in 3 quick scene.
The intro
How to give the feeling of boost?
The question is about the feeling towards to the deal, it's very important since from the first seconds of the video let the user understand what the video is about. According to the data collected, a standard user spent around 3 seconds before to decide if skip or not.
In this case, I use the logo of the actually brand and I converting it in the 'Boosts' version, using a big shock of electricity (so to introduce the idea of 'boost or charging') with the same colour of the brand (familiarity).

The rest of the video is consistent with the intro, same effect, same energy to keep the user interested enough to end the video.
A clear message is visibile on the main section and the text is break to help the eye control and to ease the reading.
All the video by the way isn't longer than 8 seconds and the all execution is speed up a bit, to give to the user the feeling of a quick view.
The video end with the offer in the last frame, the reason why that is because the user can scroll up and down through the feeds and sometime can scroll back to some previous post, so the offer will be clearly visible even if the video is ended.  
The LANDED​​​​​​​
A second video has been created for the landed. 
The concept is very similar to the first one, this to keep consistency with the first one and call back the user using the same video's instruction but with a new message.

NetBet Sport - Spot for Social

NetBet Sport - Spot for Social