Bewegen - Website
Bewegen Technologies was founded upon a vision to revolutionize how we move. This is why they created the most advanced bike share system available, featuring world-class Pedelec (electric-assist) bicycle technology. Their team continues to accelerate towards innovation, maintaining an intensive focus on research and development. Bewegen is here to deliver the future of active mobility. Riding a bike should be fun, and Bewegen’s user-friendly Pedelec bicycle is a true smile maker. Thankfully, so is their website! On this new website, you can create your own bike-share system, learn about the technology and easily contact a Bewegen representative. 

Project Management — Geneviève Levert  
Creative Direction & Strategy — Dust™ Leblanc
Art Direction — Delphine Jaffres & Louis Paquet
Design — Louis Paquet 
Front-end Development — Deven Caron
Back-end Development — Dominic Lord

Bewegen - Website
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