Vooban is a solid innovation team to accompany you in the building and execution of your digital transformation. Their strength: the complementary nature of their service offer,  unique in its genre. Offering expertise in programming, design, business architecture and artificial intelligence, in the Internet of Things as well as Cloud, which allows them to accmpany clients in practically all spheres of digital transformation and therefore, offer them a turn-key approach. 

Putting the accent on deploying the new brand identity conceived by Locomotive, the website presents the service offer and related case studies. Since the platform is partly intended to be used in recruitment, we present a strong company culture, career possibilities and the team's dynamism. Featuring a complete content management system that also manages candidates and requests for information, Charcoal CMS offers all the business intelligence required. A robust form sets up this experience, making it easier to manage prospects online.

Project Management — Maureen Veilly
Creative Direction — Louis Paquet
Art Direction & Design — Louis Paquet & Marie-Christine Dion
Front-end Development — Quentin Hocdé & Pier-Luc Cossette
Back-end Development — Dominic Lord