Journée Portes Fermées - Website

BINAM was created to speed up the integration process for newcomers in order to maximize their participation in Montreal’s collective life. Montreal wants to be welcoming, inclusive, responsible and committed. Because the unemployment rate is significantly higher in Montreal among newcomers than among people born in Quebec, the City launched in 2019 a campaign to awaken, engage and equip. This experiential platform immerses Internet users in the world of several immigrants. Through interaction with a virtual handle that can be turned to open the job door, we discover profiles by unmasking cascading text. The experiment then continues with a testimony as well as with a Q&A on situations related to the employment of newcomers.

Project Management — Geneviève Levert & Madjid Hamidi 
Creative Direction — Louis Paquet, Melissa Charland & Dust™ Leblanc
Art Direction & Design — Louis Paquet
Strategy — Dust™ Leblanc & Frédérique Lalonde
Front-end Development — Jérémy Minié & Quentin Hocdé
Back-end Development — Luc Lapierre
Branding — Publicis Montréal
Website — Locomotive

Journée Portes Fermées - Website