Discover began a tradition of "going big" to announce their wins for JD Power's Overall Credit Card Satisfaction award. In 2015, the company won it's first outright award, beating American Express, and the Corporate Communications team decided to make it known in style with a highly graphical and glamorous video.
In 2016, Discover did it again, and again decided to make the announcement in a highly stylized and exuberant fashion, this time celebrating the number 3, as this was the 3rd time winning the award (the first being in 2014 when Discover tied with American Express). It was decided to go with a humorous play on the famous School House Rock song, Three is a Magic Number.

These videos were built in advance of the win and required scheduling the entire Executive Committee at Discover, shooting on a green screen and compositing them into the virtual sets and worlds seen in the videos, sometimes creating the appearance of several or all of the subjects being in the same location, even though they were shot separately.