How iconic can be an object?

Mutuals, a collection formed by a Clutch, a clean Portfolio and a system of functional details that pay homage to the most iconic details of MINI®, focusing on a simple and natural daily use experience.
Both pieces can be interconnected in two different ways with the same system: joining them with a simple pen, or using cotton straps. The system was designed specifically for this collection, inspired by the lines and proportions characteristic of MINI, creating a functional modulation of the space that we carry daily.
For this project we detect some specs of a MINI, aspects that’s make it unique brand and cars, and fusion them with the Configurative Design Method, achieving simple and iconic objects. 
The reason d'etre of each detail, the creative use of space and the proportion that characterizes MINI, were fundamental points in this development.

 Special thanks to Promotora Nacional DMX
Photo & Video by Santiago Vega


Client:  MINI
Handmade in Mexico on vegetable tanned leather and cotton.
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Mutuals for MINI.


Mutuals for MINI.

Leathergoods Collection designed for MINI