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Assembly Nº 1


Not all wallets are the same shit.

Don't just change between brands; changes the whole use experience.

Don't just renew the object; renew the entire way and mindset.

Don't need just a replacement, need a trully better wallet.

Well, I really enjoy designing wallets, and this is one of my last works.
The goal here was design and patent a complete joint system using only a leather piece, basically just a strap of material. After months of development, Assembly® is the result. With this system we can achieve a slim wallet (and other objects) fully structured from leather joints, in one single piece of material, with minimum waste.

This design system also can be executed in other alternative materials, like wool,  Reishi or Cactus leather.

Made in one single piece of vegetable tanned leather
Assembly® System // Seamless construction
Brass details


Photos: Axel Vargas
Illustrations: Joshua Allen

Assembly Nº 1


Assembly Nº 1