Horizontal carry or vertical carry?
Waist or shoulder?

It's all about basic choices.

Usually we always need to choose between this formats of bags or carry modules when we're looking for an everyday bag, specially if is a small one. 
The core aspect of this concept is to merge both formats into a single object, simply designed and made from neat and efficient lines, so users can choose how prefers to wear and carry talking not only about the format, about the way too.

This Easy Carry Bag is designed for take carry choices, but around the same bag. In form terms is pretty basic, looking a simple and feasible production starting from 3 rectangular pieces, and accessing to interior through a double security flap and with removable strap using a convenient and
practical flat format for every day carry.

Designed for Ensamble Artesano, a foundation in Mexico that empower the craftsman communities around the country, searching and managing meaningful collaborations with designers.

Handcrafted by 28 Store in San Cristobal, Chiapas.
Designed for Ensamble Artesano.​​​​​​​
Handcrafted by 28 Store
Made on authentic vegetable tanned full grain leather and brass details. 
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Special Thanks to Nayib, Andrea, Sabrina, and all the team of Ensamble Artesano & 28 Store.
Easy Carry Bag


Easy Carry Bag


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