Small project in terms of eco design, recycle design or reusing design
It was one of the projects from my Foundation Course in British Higher School of Art & Design. Green Design include mainly eco design, recycle design and reusing design. So we had a range of directions for our ideas and thoughts. After making some research I decided that reusing design is probably the most interesting for me so I decided to make it.
At first, I was collecting rings from the bottles for about 2 weeks. At the same time I was collecting a variety of tickets and some other stuff and junk which I have at home. Then I’ve made a series of sketches using these kind of things in product to find the right idea. After this I decided to make my project using bottle rings. I had lots of ideas what I can make with them but then I stopped at 2 ideas which were the clock and some kind of lamp.
Finally, I decided to connect these two ideas into the new one. So I made a sconce which is actually a night light with clocks inside it. I think it is rather useful, especially in the evening when you read a book in your bed, you need some light and also you don’t  want to get up and find what’s the time. So all these functions are collected in one thing. The sconce has a hemisphere shape and it produces nice shadows because it is so patterned and light. I put a green bulb into it, firstly, to make the connection with Green Design more visuall and, secondly, to make it more enigmatic and wonderful.
Final product.
March 2009