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Eurofins Agro | Corporate identity support

Brand Identity Support (Graphic Design)
About: Eurofins Agro is a leading laboratory in the agricultural sector with nearly 100 years of experience. They provide innovative analyses, accurate and timely data and clear, case-specific advice, to help agricultural entrepreneurs to manage their production process. Their products and services are the result of everyday, practical knowledge supported by scientific research. The Eurofins Agro promise to help to collect the right data, and provide insight into soil and crop health, fertilisation, feed value, and food safety. They give you greater insight with the prospect of profitable growth - growth that you can be proud of.
Task: to support Eurofins Agro brand identity in terms of graphic design in all marketing materials according to company's guidelines. This included print and digital materials such as: business cards, folders, envelopes, various exhibition banners, website banners, invitations, postcards, brochures adaptations from other languages (English or Dutch), new brochures layout design, social media posts and covers, newsletters, magazine ads, reports, notebooks, graphs and schemes for internal use.
Been working with Eurofins Agro for 7 continuous years until the company had to leave Russian Federation in 2022. Below are the main products that were designed during that period of time.
Corporate folder, envelopes, business cards, notebooks, letterhead, magazine ad, and equipment control sheets
Brochures adaptation from Dutch and English to Russian following the brand guidelines
Pictures of some printed materials from my collection (a few brochures, folder, conference program)
New brochures design according to Eurofins Agro brand guidelines
Some of the latest postcards designed for different occasions
Design of roll-up banners for the exhibition
Newsletters designed in 2021 and 2022
2016 - 2022
Eurofins Agro | Corporate identity support


Eurofins Agro | Corporate identity support

Brand identity support of all marketing materials of the company according to set guidelines. Design, layouts, photo editing, pre-print.