Ceramic and wood tea set for 2 persons
The motto of "Matreshki" - is straightness. "Matreshki" is a set of teapot and 2 cups. But maybe the idea of this product is covered in a lotus flower or Chinese box, which are always opening, leading to a border beyond which begins the transcendent. "Matreshki" represent the compactness and simplicity, containing in itself its opposite - the multidimensionality. This set is designed for valuable sorts of teas, which are stored in the depth of Chinese boxes as the greatest value; and this is the central petal of a lotus flower, which contains health and beauty inside. When I just finished ​​this product there was nothing near my hand except water, but the water drunk from the "Matreshki" was more interesting than the most curly tea. However, sometimes two buns, carrying a banana are just two buns carrying a banana. So let's stop on the first two sentences, because the most important states are said in the beginning. Enjoy your tea in the company of "Matreski"!
Photos of prototype.
January - April 2012