Rethinking of what the book actually is
It was my first project on Foundation Course in British Higher School of Art & Design. My idea was to show other people that they can read without their eyes just by putting nose into the hole and smelling. I’ve chosen polyhedron form of the book, obviously, because it’s easy to put some smelly boxes inside it without any problems. My purpose was to tell the simple story with the help of smells. Finally, I’ve made a tale about Jane’s ordinary day.
So after these steps I saw that it reminds me the Moon and the lids are like UFO. That’s why it wasn’t a problem to find the right colour of the book. During the prosses of drawing UFO I’ve decied to put some people or aliens inside them. Later I draw Joscha Sauer’s charecters from the book «Nichtlustig». What’s more, Jane like UFO and Sauer’s comics, I think it’ another good connection.
My project could be used as a toy at the same time. From my point of view, the most interesting point of book is that you cannot see what smells, you can only try to guess what it really is.
Some photos from making process.
October 2009