Water is contained for a long time underground until it emerges as a pure source of life. Manantial gets its name and
is inspired by the natural sprout of clean water that is filtered through rocks, finally emerging as an element for life.
The Manantial washbasin hallmark is its fine edge which allows a spacious sink as well as a clear and refined silhouette.
This harmonious shape contributes to easy cleaning and avoid splash.​​​​​​​
Manantial is an affordable solution for Latin American families that evokes a high aesthetic design and quality.
Manantial is carefully crafted and manufactured using a resin mold by ALS technology
Manantial washbasin was awarded with the Good design in the bathroom furniture and sanitary ware category in 2018
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Andrés Lopez - @alopezl1 ​​​​​​​

Adrian Perez - @adrianperezdi
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