Water is, by far, the most common liquid on Earth; liquids freely flow to form any shape. A unique property of the liquid state is surface tension where water behaves as surface. Liquid washbasin is inspired by water superficial tension and how this harmoniously creates forms and adapts to the environment.
In the Liquid washbasin collection, the integrated surfaces and semi-rounded shapes are the results of surface tension in restrained silhouettes, thus enhancing the quality of the ceramic finish and aording a thin appearance.
They allow water and light to flow effortlessly around their forms.
Usage - Centered Design
Usability insights take form on functional and intuitive design details like the support surface for wet elements such as soap, rings, razor, toothbrush, etc; and the concealed drain that disguises water’s final pathway in a gentle and refine hollow.
Color - scheme​​​​​​​
The color variation elicits calm, keeping a subtle nuance of the bathroom color atmosphere.
Colors : Ivory, Rosewood and Old Gray.
Liquid concept is brought in three different set up configurations:
undermounted, overmounted and vessel, expanding design for wider customer preferences.
Liquid washbasin was awarded the Reddot Design Award in the bathroom furniture and sanitary ware category in April of 2018
Nicolás Ochoa - @nico8a54
Felipe Cadavid - @cadacho​​​​​​​

Adrian Perez - @adrianperezdi
Daniela Guerrero - @danielam_____

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