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Aluvia’s smooth shapes and lines draw inspiration from alluvial erosion, where the water sculpts rocks throughout the years, giving way to soft and friendly surfaces.
Aluvia faucet family is born out of the iconography of traditional faucets, their simplicity to deliver water through trustworthy materials.
All the products within the collection are developed with the environment in mind, their materials and production processes are in compliance with the most rigorous international standards. Each product guarantees a long life cycle that is tested in our laboratories with specially designed equipment, thus allowing a responsible and long lasting use for our users. The group of assessments performed during their creation permit us to be in compliance with the requirements of ASME A112.18.1-2011 and CSA B125.1-11.
Design thinking tools were used to find valuable insights that could provide tangible inputs for a successful product design. Extensive observations in homes from different social levels gave an understanding for the assembly design, resulting in advance case and chassis architecture, separating Aluvia from other similar faucets found on the market.
The kitchen is a workspace where tools are expected to perform at its best. Aluvia’s kitchen faucets have been designed to work in perfect harmony with the space given, which most of the time doesn ́t seem to be enough. The wide range of the swingable spout allows the user to take advantage of the whole sink space. The water outlet is higher than the average kitchen faucets in the category, giving comfort at the time of use.
The handle set is the result of pure ergonomics, providing a comfortable grip regardless of water and soap.
Inspired by river side pebbles, their smooth surface finish and gentle curves resembles nature’s work on rocks through water and sand. They communicates an intuitive grip to the user. Just as intuitive, the laser mark on the handles makes it easy to recognize water temperature serving on each side of the faucet. The temperature mark is available on the 4 inches faucet, as well as in the 8 inches faucets and showers.
Beyond the smooth lines and delicate shapes lies the heart of the faucet, a plastic cartridge specially designed to guarantee a soft operation that can endure the most demanding work. It also provides a quick access for maintenance and replacement. This design allows the main case to be injected in one single piece, hiding molding lines and preventing sink marks, thus enabling thelight to travel fluently along the product.
Aluvia Faucet Collection was awarded The Golden A’ Design Award in the bathroom furniture and sanitary ware category in April of 2017 and later it was recognized in Germany with the international iF DESIGN AWARD in the product discipline of the Bathrooms category.
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Aluvia faucet collection