Great design is more than meets the eye.
Great design is a master plan.
A master plan that truly connects people to your brand.

We not only make you look good,
we make sure you meet the people you want
and we make them want you.
In short we make you likable, visible and desirable.

We do this with our hearts and with our heads.
With strategy and creativity. With intuition and calculation.
With dedication and data. With builders and dreamers.

We search beauty and we mean business.
Therefore, we design value at every step of the customer journey.
Fundamental and lasting.
Making design a strategic advantage.
Turning users into fans.

Back in 1963 Total Design was founded by some of the most
independent thinkers and designers, who were ahead of their time.
Today we honour this legacy.

There has never been a more relevant time for Total Design.