The Center for Academic Support at Johnson & Wales University is a full-service tutoring and disability services entity inside the university. Though they have existed for quite a few years, they have exactly 0 outreach to the greater university community, with no promotional materials or social media interactions. Our case was to create an integrated PR campaign to increase foot traffic to the center and increase awareness among incoming freshmen.  
Our tactics included a complete suite of print and digital assets with the purpose of providing a cohesive platform for advancing the center. This also took the form of a complete rebranding, deviating from the typical blue and gold of most school entities and the JWU logo to a more iconic and instantly noticeable standard. As an extension, we also introduced a secondary color to distinguish the disability services from the tutoring services, combatting the typical stigma that students have about the center as a whole.
Our campaign also included an "admissions packet" to be sent to new students, working along a metaphor that the center offers a "minor in learning". This packet would include a brochure on the center, a schedule, a magnet offering links, and branded flash cards. 
While the project was graded highly, it was not implemented.