This is a student campaign created for both Victoria's Secret and their subsidiary, PINK, for use during October. The idea behind the campaign is that the brand PINK should align itself with anti-breast cancer campaigns independent of the ubiquitous The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Instead of awareness, the donations would instead go towards cancer treatment and patient/family support. 
The campaign would include both print and digital ads, along with a splash on the front-page of PINK's website (shown above). While most of the advertising is focused towards PINK, the campaign would also run simultaneously with Victoria's Secret. The titular color of PINK lends well to the campaign, and thus it was used as a straw man for the company as a whole.
This concept aligns products that are the color pink to the brand, creating a seamless idea of "pink clothing/accessories", which connects to the international color of breast cancer awareness.
These banner ads would run on sites targeted towards fashion, and would be tagged to users tracked as female (to no surprise, women are close to 90% of the customers of Victoria's Secret, and men are close to 80% less likely to buy the brand than the average customer, according to MRI+). This makes the campaign much more efficient, as it focuses on the most likely customers rather than just the readers of a given website.