I was in charge of creative for a mock advertising campaign for Twizzlers candy, as a part of a group project for a marketing class. 
The main focus behind our campaign was to increase revenue in a decidedly under-served region of the country: the American Southwest. In order to approach this, we chose three media centered around a single theme -- road trips along the major arteries that define the region. The social media ads above are meant to be run on Facebook and Instagram, as as they share the same platform.
We also decided to focus on travel-focused and parenting magazines, as they lined up with the mission of the campaign. This ad was intended to be placed in Coastal Living magazine, which has a pool of readers that were more likely than the average consumer to buy Twizzlers, and had a lot of recent content surrounding the Southwest. The copy in this ad is meant to appeal to parents, as the Dr. Suess-esque headline would make parents think back to the first few years of their parenthood. 
The majority of the focus in our campaign was directed towards our physical ads: half publicity stunt, half advertisement, we decided to warp hundreds of gas pumps along the major arteries of the Southwest in vinyl graphics so that they would look like Twizzlers. This was intended to catch the eyes of parents and children alike, as they stopped for gas during their road trip; the above-the-pump ad serves as a call to action for parents to go into the convenience-store portion of the gas station to purchase the product at a discounted price. We planned this to be located at 170 gas stations alongside 8 major interstates.