AlluLite is a new brand of chocolate, gummies, and zero-calorie sugar targeted type 1 & 2 diabetics and those who just want to watch their sugar intake. Formulations are made with a rare natural sugar called Allulose (Psicose-D) which is absorbed by the body but not metabolized so it has only a fraction of calories compared to regular table sugar (sucrose). In using this rare sugar for example, a single square serving of caramel milk chocolate (the caramel is also made with Allulose) is only 25 calories. Because Allulose is not metabolized by the body, AlluLite's products will not raise blood glucose levels. (See more information at

I was contacted by one of the founders of AlluLite Nutrition, Inc. and subsequently contracted to design the brand identity, look and feel, and packaging for their products. The logo needed to be forward thinking, friendly, and suggestive of a premium product, but it also needed to compete with all of the other low-calorie sugar/sweeteners on the market. I created a simple mark from a fleur-de-lis shape and paired it with a hand-tooled ITC Cheltenham font but choosing an italic version so that the forward leaning suggested a progressive feel. Both stacked and horizontal versions were created for versatility. This mark was then applied to a "violator bug" to be used to brand their use of Allulose in their products.

For the zero-calorie sugar, they wanted their product to stand out, and just about all of the useful colors of the spectrum were already used by their competitors; Stevia has green, Equal has blue, Splenda has yellow, Sweet & Low has pink, etc. I chose the lavender/purple shade in the appropriate intensity to compete with these other brands. As AlluLite grows, their products will soon compete directly on the shelf alongside these brands in stores such as Walmart, etc.

To save on cost on packaging for the start-up, the decision was made to use a resealable plastic pouch that could be printed on directly, and the other lines of product would use the same packaging pouch. I created an elegant design using blues and gold to emulate a premium brand for the chocolate and a more playful design to appeal to a younger demographic for the gummie bears. A total of 8 flavors were designed for the chocolates and 2 variations for the gummie bears, plain fruit and sour fruit.

I also created literature to tell about the benefits of using Allulose in confections for type 1 & 2 diabetics for medical professionals and a consumer-facing brochure. The products and literature were debuted at a diabetics trade show and the FNCE 2017 trade show. Response was overwhelming with people coming for samples day after day at both shows.