When I first started working with MTI, sales were suffering due to low brand recognition, and they desperately needed a new brand system and logo. MTI is a medical manufacturer that makes power chairs for use in various medical specialties: ENT, Oral Surgery, Podiatry, Plastic Surgery, Bariatrics, and Dermatology. Their medical chairs are top-rated in the healthcare industry for how much weight they can lift, but they didn't have a logo or brand look that encompassed what they do.

My solution was to depict something of strength, and the image of a bear was developed as the icon mark. Paired with strong, bold type, the resulting logo was concise and conveyed the meaning of strength. I developed a tagline to complement and further give a window into the brand, "Strength in patient care" which could be paired with the iconic logo or used as just type. Imagery and photography to support the idea was also created, including having a number of models standing or sitting on the chair at once, even creating an image of a bear sitting on one of the chairs. The images reinforced the concept of unparalleled strength of the chairs in the minds of the doctors and hospital purchasing agents. Paired with newly designed literature, web site, video, and an aggressive direct mail and SEO/PPC campaign, the resulting brand system drove recognition of the brand to make MTI a market leader in all of their medical specialties.

This new identity reinforced and increased customer awareness through multiple marketing channels which doubled gross profits in the next year to bring the company out of the red.

This work received an Honorable Mention, and was published in Graphis Branding 7 2018. http://www.graphis.com/entry/ce3e0380-4ccb-4f34-a086-e3a7825bab26/
MTI Collateral and Brochures
Direct Mail Card
MTI Product Demo Video
This is a short product demonstration video that promotes MTI's new Chair-mounted Leg Wrapping Support. As the creative and marketing director, I wrote the script, produced storyboards, designed graphic elements, and art directed the video shoot.
MTI Brand


MTI Brand

Creation of elements and design for MTI branding.