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Actio Standing Desk

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Logo & Branding
This was a really fun project that involved a lot of different skill sets and coordination with multiple parties. The team and myself worked closely with the business owners to name the business and come up with a tagline that hints at superiority and health. The goal with the logo was to portray the desk moving upward and give it a little action.
We were given a few configurations of desks to put together and take apart for photos. I worked along side another designer to set up and shoot of all the parts to use on the website to promote the desks features.
Web & UX
Working with a developer we built a "Design Your Desk" experience using 3D models sent to us from Actio engineers. It was challenging getting the multiple layers to work together to appear as one desk. We used a lot of transparent .png space, lol! Visit

Below is the "Design Your Desk" interface.
We filmed the desk b-roll in the above brand awareness video. We wanted to continue pushing the healthy aspect of the desk and chose stock video to help reinforce that.
Actio Standing Desk


Actio Standing Desk

With this project we took the client from Logo & Branding to a final working website. The website features a desk builder interface, photo & vide Read More