The Financial Ninja is a handbook that meets the real demand resulted by the shortage of financial training in polish schools. It’s written and published by one of the most popular polish bloggers Michał Szarfański.

The author depicts the financial ninja as a person who is able to smartly manage his personal and household budget, who understands the mechanisms hiding behind the products offered by pecuniary institutions and who knows how to take care of his own and his family’s financial future. Following the example of the classical Japanese ninja training the inductees get to know their new arsenal and learn a lot of practical tactics and life-based skills.

The concept of ninja training was our main inspiration while designing the book layout and cover. The Far East aesthetics plays an important role in the concept of this handbook and is reflected in many editorial details such as table of contents, headers, tables and handdrawn charts and infographics.
Author: Michał Szafrański
Publisher: Michał Szafrański
Year: 2016
FORMAT: 152 x 232 mm
Printed on: Ecco Book
Graphic & Editorial desigN: This Way Design Marcin Gajosiński
CHIBI Ninja drawings: Marek Pawelczyk
Financial Ninja

Financial Ninja

Financial Ninja - self-published book design