Beta is a small chain of local bookshops located in Wrocław, Poland. It consists of 6 shops around the city and provides books, gifts and stationary. Beta bookshops are rather small, but well known by local community. They organise a lot of events as such as poet slams, meetings with popular authors and reading encouragement campaigns for children.

The owner of Beta bookshop asked us to redesign and unify their brand. There was a little chaos in Beta identity - every bookshop had it's own name (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) and there was no common logo. It was impossible for customers to recognise Beta as a chain and benefit from it (e.g. ordering books from other shops, having a loyalty cars etc.). We started by unifying the brand and creating a new sign. Beta had already a lot of loyal clients, so we decided to refresh one of the old symbols and create a logo that will be familiar to regular customers, but modern and simple. To distinguish bookshops from themselves we designed simple icon for every shop.

Our next step was to create stationary, decorative elements and gadgets such as bookmarks, price labels, pens, bags and loyalty cards. One of the biggest challenges was to create a new website and convince bookshop managers to merge all separate Facebook profiles into one. We created a new website where clients can check latest promotions, Top 10 best-sellers list and other information.

The implementation of new brand look is in progress. We still work with Beta Bookshops and provide stationary and new elements (as promotional posters, gift cards, roll-ups, bags etc) that reinforce the brand and its recognition.