Yamazaki Exploration
Below is a collection of styleframes I designed for a personal spec project centered around on of my favorite things - whisky. After finally getting my hands on a bottle of Yamazaki 12, I wanted to do something more with this spectacular whisky than just drink it away. So, I decided to have this bottle and color scheme be the center for more experiments in Houdini and Cinema4D. 

This is a speculative project done solely for personal growth. 
No association with the Yamazaki brand has been made and no views expressed represent those of the brand
Personal projects play a large part in my life as a designer. It is easy to let paid projects take over all of my time, but whenever I manage to find the space, the unrestricted freedom and growth that accompanies projects like this are the things that remind me why I decided to become an artist.

So, when I managed to find a few days free last week, I figured that it was the perfect time to continue my exploration into Houdini and sharpen up some of my lighting skills. I spent my time playing with fluids, smoke, particles, dynamics - pretty much anything that I thought looked interesting. From those experiments, these frames were born. Based on a loose interpretation of the bottle, the color, and the richness of the whisky, I aimed to create a clear road map for myself for when it comes time to animate these tests and build them into a short spot.  

Thank you for viewing!