Ladies & Gentleman we proudly present you the brand-new Key Visual created for Cannes Lions Imagination Day Conference 2017! Some of you know for sure that we’re seasoned in creating glass or crystal lions, however this year’s creature is unique. We raised the bar and we brought to life the real, furry king of the jungle. And to be honest, we’re pretty f***ng proud of this cat! – seminars for creatives and marketers in Warsaw. 

Client: SAR Stowarzyszenie Komunikacji Marketingowej
Project Director: Anna Zimecka
Project Manager: Paula Kielar
Project Coordinator: Kornelia Mielczarek 

Creative Production Studio: Ars Thanea
Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
Producers: Marta Król, Michał Zieliński
Art Director: Marcin Kowalski
Concept Artist: Michal Lisowski
Digital Artists: Maciej Mizer, Marcin Kowalski
3D Lead Artist: Łukasz Skurczynski
Modeling: Łukasz Skurczyński, Ernest Kośka, Kuba Włodarczyk, Michał Serafin
Textures/Shading: Ernest Kośka, Maciej Łypik, Kuba Włodarczyk, Michał Serafin
Fur: Maciej Łypik
Rendering: Maciej Łypik

Cannes Lions Imagination Day — 2017