Recruitment campaign and signage project

"Blip was created with the purpose of making a difference in the web application world, and  thrive to make their contribution count everyday. In 2012, Blip has become part of a Group of Companies with Headquarters in London and are growing to become the best place to work in Porto.

Their code reaches thousands of customers around the world, and they have a passion for developing high performance Web products using agile methodologies, to get the best out of every sprint.

At Blip they care about people and their development, we have a sense of humour and an open minded style always waiting for new ideas to improve our processes. They will also find out that have breakfast everyday, unusual meeting rooms and different interests/activities to share. Blip welcome people from around the world to join our likeminded and talented team.
Blip encourage everyone’s autonomy in a fun environment, and also aim to be responsible and efficient."

This statement became argument for our proposal for Blip's 2012 recruitment campaign and new office signage project.