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    此專案為Duke與Rose婚卡設計,以old school插畫風格繪製成主視覺,結合雙方中國傳統生肖(猴與雞)以及星座,並以代表無限之符號轉化成緞帶將兩人串聯起來,代表愛的永恆,整體風格想呈現不同以往既定印象之喜帖,以東西方風格的結合而成獨具特色的視覺。 在印製部分選用高明度的色紙燙金讓婚… Read More
    此專案為Duke與Rose婚卡設計,以old school插畫風格繪製成主視覺,結合雙方中國傳統生肖(猴與雞)以及星座,並以代表無限之符號轉化成緞帶將兩人串聯起來,代表愛的永恆,整體風格想呈現不同以往既定印象之喜帖,以東西方風格的結合而成獨具特色的視覺。 在印製部分選用高明度的色紙燙金讓婚卡希望讓每個收到的人愛不釋手,並感受到新人的心意。 Read Less

This is a wedding invitation design project created for Duke and Rose. The personalised graphic is a retro-style illustration showcasing the combination of the bride and groom's Chinese Zodiac (Monkey and Chicken) and star signs (Aries and Libra). The ribbon in the shape of an infinity symbol is a symbol of the couple’s eternal love. Distinctive from traditional wedding invitations, this design has a strong visual impact with its combination of eastern and western influences. The quality bright colour paper is chosen and treated by a hot stamping method. Our hope is that recipients of our invitations will be left feeling impressed and special.