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    粹方研的品牌概念為我們所倡議的:健康,應是每日的飲食、運動及營養補充所累積而來的,非一朝一夕或靠藥物速成。此外,由粹方研所致力研發的營養關鍵組合,讓分子間的健康密碼,產生重組的絕佳功效。品牌識別設計即是以此概念延伸,在英文formulist 的字體設計上,加以概念視覺化。從字尾的點,慢慢地… Read More
    粹方研的品牌概念為我們所倡議的:健康,應是每日的飲食、運動及營養補充所累積而來的,非一朝一夕或靠藥物速成。此外,由粹方研所致力研發的營養關鍵組合,讓分子間的健康密碼,產生重組的絕佳功效。品牌識別設計即是以此概念延伸,在英文formulist 的字體設計上,加以概念視覺化。從字尾的點,慢慢地往字首方向開始實體線條化,用此創意直接表述了健康密碼重組及健康累積的想法。品牌延伸視覺也依此來做各種排列及圖騰創意的延伸,產生強而有力的高度品牌形象識別的一致性與風格。 在延伸視覺以及包裝設計上,延續品牌視覺概念及風格,以點的各種排列變化創造出各種趣味icon圖像或圖騰,像是在包裝上,依據各品項之特性去創造出相對應之抽象視覺與顏色,因一般市場之保健食品包裝皆有較為相似之視覺邏輯,我們想呈現出獨特性,在專業之餘多了些貼近大眾生活的趣味性及設計美學。 Read Less

Your health pick

As people are getting more and more familiar with the idea of “prevention is better than cure,” related sectors such as health care, fitness and Food & Beverage are becoming hot trends in modern life. Our clients had been in nutrition supplement sector as a agents for years and would like to develop their own brand. The challenge was to stand out from hundreds of competitors by highlighting its competitive advantage and eye-catching package design.
Naming & Slogan / 

Since the brand’s strength was rearrange and create new application of patented ingredients, we called the products “ formula.” So we named the brand “formulist” to establish the image of expert. Chineses name was composed with three characters each of which stand for one brand DNA. 粹 meant natural patented ingredients; 方 the formula, and 研 the lab. To allow the following ads application more flexible, we gave two slogans: “Your health pick,” in which “pick” showed the sophisticated suggestion of the expert. And 「粹研密碼 重組你的___方程式」where we left a blank space for clients to play with according to the feature of products.

Logo Design / 

Health is built up in your everyday activities like diet and exercise. We applied the concept to logo design. From “t”all the way to “f,” the dotted line gradually become solid. Patterns was expanded based on the notion as well. A coherent but visually diverse identity generated impactful image for the brand.
Pattern & Package Design / 

Based on the “dots” of the logo, we extended the design on package using interesting dotted patterns. The layouts of the dots and the colors were customized according to the features of the products. The design helped the brand to stand out on the grocery shelf. In the meantime, it showed the brand’s personality - professional, friendly and sophisticated.


We wanted a modern and rational look to reinforce to image of “R&D and profession. Therefore, we created a scene that was similar to a lab and used an usual approach to present the story. Floating pliers and products resembling skyscrapers brought the audience an experimental setting and revealed the message of “the nutrition expert who with boundless imagination.”

Brand strategy development : Lynn
Branding design : Sean
Agency : think™