Suntory's Good Mood

To mark the launch of good mood to the Indonesian market, Arcade has collaborated with director Christoph Chrudimak and Chimney Group to create two epic mini movies. Good mood is a new fruit infused water created by Suntory.

The two short interactive digital films are based on the insight that the difference between having a good day and a bad day can come down to the mood you choose to put yourself in. Both films star the same young male protagonist and chronicle the chain of events that follow him through a good day and a bad day.

The epic 2min 'bad day' film entitled 'The Bad Choice' runs in reverse chronology, opening on an apocalyptic scene and transporting the viewer through a series of domino events that take the protagonist back to a shop where he made the bad choice of picking another beverage over 'good mood'. Viewers are then invited to click onto 'The Good Choice' film.

'The Good Choice' film follows the same protagonist through the exact same day, where locations and characters are mirrored, but the chain of events is dramatically different, ending with the character starting a viral sensation.

The campaign that includes 15 and 6 seconds teasers, will run across TV, cinema, online, outdoor and social media. A POSM and activation/sampling campaign will also be running throughout the year.

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Client: Suntory
Suntory: Keisuke Inakagi, Mario Suzuki, Remy Koubbi, EuJin Cheah

CCO/Founder: Gary Tranter
CCO/Founder: Matt Cullen
Art Director: Kayla Chia
Business Director: Yvonne Lee
Account Director: Evaan Miocevich
Agency Producers: Derri Ng, Keith Chang
Director: Christoph Chrudimak

Sound & Music: Song Zu Singapore
Composer: Lindsay Jehan
"Bad Choice" Song Arranger: Nathan Cavaleri
Sound Design: Damian Waddell

Production: Applebox Asia

Post Production: Chimney Group, Alice VFX, QuietLab

Chimney Singapore:
Executive Producer: Timo Josten
Executive Creative Director: Johan Polhem
Producer: Kim Wang
Post Producer: Struan Farquhar
Editors: Ola Ohlsson, Struan Farquhar
Compositors: Makoto Amemiya, Struan Farquhar, Carl Johan Thor, HaiHa Dang  

Chimney Poland:
VFX Supervisor: Marcin Drabiński
Compositors: Tomasz Tejchman, Sebastian Faliński, Miron Błocki, Krystian Dulnik
Matte Painter: Jan Białek
3D Artists: Miron Błocki, Tomek Witkowski
On-Set Supervisor: Jan Białek
Coordinator: Hania Drewek
Suntory's Good Mood

Suntory's Good Mood

We had the honor of working on the Post Production for this project. Weeks of Mutants and extensive Apocalypse FX shots later it's all worth it!