What's your perspective? | TEDx Wellington

TEDxWellington approached us with the theme of ‘perspective’ for this year’s event. We looked past the obvious interpretation of visual perspective in favour of an identity that makes you think, rethink and unthink what you already know.

We set out to challenge the conventions of a typical event programme through poetry, scale and photography. The elements combined created a unique narrative and unexpected experience, whilst staying true to the theme.
Everyone thinks differently so we executed everything from photography to poetry in a variety of different techniques to provoke thought. This resulted in a flexible identity designed to confront, surprise and educate you with unexpected or new ways of looking at things.
Brain teaser posters. (answers from left: 'painless operation, 'forgive & forget', 'space invaders')
We invited the public to reveal the speakers through a word find
T-shirts were personalised for each staff member with one side containing a truth and the other a lie about them
100 'ideas worth spreading' were added to the backs of lanyards from previous TED talks as conversation starters
Traditionally, speaker photographs are a forgettable introduction. Our approach to TEDxWellington was to make it pivotal to the identity and the singular idea of provoking thought. The photography was an opportunity to showcase the theme. 
Our goal was to have each of the 1000 delegates leave the event with a new perspective.
What's your perspective? | TEDx Wellington